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Templestowe Tutoring student of the month

Master H is currently my youngest student and has recently turned five! He has an inquiring mind and loves every session – he is an absolute delight to teach. 

We have been working on giving him a great head-start in literacy and numeracy before he starts primary school. Master H can now identify, model and explain numbers up to 999 with some real confidence which is an amazing feat for a boy his age. Most of the time he is able to model addition and subtraction concepts accurately and we have recently started on skip counting. He is recognising a selection of high frequency words when we read together and has developed some fantastic inferring skills. Furthermore – that’s barely scratching the surface! Every lesson brings more discoveries, skills and realisations.

I can’t wait to assist with this lovely young boy in reaching his next educational milestones!

Michelle Radcliffe 🙂

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